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Happy Yamaha Day

Celebrating the 69th Birthday of Yamaha Motor

The first day of July each year commemorates the foundation of Yamaha Motor Company, on 1 July 1955. Just a few days after its foundation, Yamaha entered its new YA-1 Red Dragonfly (Aka-Tombo 赤トンボ) in the two major race events in Japan: the Mount Fuji Ascent Race and the Asama Highlands Race. The new motorcycles achieved third and first place, respectively, and also claimed first place in the 125cc class for both events.

The annual Yamaha Day celebrations are a global event encompassing all products – including music; a day when Yamaha globally celebrates its shared values of innovation, excitement, confidence, emotion, and ties. Injecting these values into everything we do meets the expectations of our customers and gives us the energy to strive for greater goals.

The theme for Yamaha Day 2024 is Let’s Take Kando Actions, the theme invites everyone in the global Yamaha Motor family to think about the *Kando experiences they have enjoyed with Yamaha products, and share them with others. What Kando means to each person will differ based on lifestyle, culture, age, and even the Yamaha products they own. 

To commemorate Yamaha Day 2024, Yamaha Motor Australia has launched its Let’s Take Kando Actions web page. The page promotes Yamaha's unique styles and provides a forum for sharing thoughts about what taking Kando actions means to each of us. Over the next few months we will seek out stories of Kando from Yamaha staff, dealers, ambassadors, and customers to be posted on this page via video and editorial content. We look forward to sharing the first of these with you soon.

Happy Birthday Yamaha!

* Kando is a Japanese word to express the feeling of deep satisfaction and excitement you get when you encounter something of exceptional value, quality, and performance. All Yamaha Motor products are designed and manufactured by people who truly enjoy what they do. Their goal is to deliver Yamaha Kando.